Harm house Roses

farm house of roses - all healthy and organic products all at Kilometer Zero!

According to the same principles of preciousness and naturalness is conducted ‘farm VILLA ROSES, cultivating and organically produced cheeses, meats, vegetables, cereals, olives, herbs and fruit in a blaze of intense aromas. Right on the first choice and freshness 0 km of these products is based the particular cuisine ethics, vegetarian and vegan, inspired by the great Italian tradition


At the table, taste, splendor and wholesomeness of ingredients and dishes they are combined, in fact, in an exquisite gastronomic proposal and taste each new day after the art of the chef and the offer of lush gardens.


Farm VILLA ROSES, along with its typical quality cuisine offers you the perfect peace of the place and the pleasant beauty of its surroundings. All this makes Villa delle rose a real oasis of calm, safe and ideal for couples and families with children.

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