Educational farm VILLA ROSES your farm on Monticchio lakes - for good food Lucano and to discover life on the farm

eat well ! grow well!

Nature care is one of the projects of the farm VILLA OF ROSES. It is the fruit of years of experience and testing of innovative educational programs and ongoing job training and updating of educators.

“Learnig by doing” becomes the pedagogical approach that characterizes the design of thematic routes ensuring the continuous exchange between theory and practice.

Villa delle rose farm allows children and young people to acquire knowledge, skills and abilities in a friendly environment that becomes each lab time to explore topics addressed in their school educational program.


The educational purpose of the visit on the farm:

  • educating to healthy food
  • increase interest towards agriculture
  • educating the use of the senses
  • raise awareness of local products
  • promote knowledge of local history
  • provide information about the life of animals, to trades and technologies applied for food production
  • teaches respect for the environment and bio-diversity

The milk path

The route aims to raise awareness among children and young people the most useful aspects, but also the curious, the milk industry.

The egg of Columbus

It is a trip staged to lead children and adults, including through the game, to discover the secrets of the cocks and hens.

From grain to bread

The course is aimed at discovering the major traditional crops that fall within the crop rotation of the vulture.

VILLA ROSES thematic tours for children aged 3 to 8 years old and for children up to 13 years

How to build the vegetable garden

The route includes the discovery of the different cultures present in the company: the field of aromatic herbs, the orchard, the greenhouses and the garden of seasonal vegetables.

The forest, the lake and its inhabitants

The route proposes a walk in the woods to discover its secrets through to Monticchio lakes where you can visit the abbey and the Museum of Natural History of the Vulture.


With map and compass the boys will have to follow the path traced up to the goal. An experience that combines movement, orientation skills and teamwork.

VILLA ROSES offer yourself a healthy approach to nature suitable for all ages

Weekends on the farm for boys

Villa Rose farm is ideal for a relaxing stay and rediscover the pleasure of simple things. In the summer villa of roses it opens to special learning experiences for children and teenagers aged 8 to 13 years.

Stays for seniors designed ad hoc

To ensure the right balance between relaxation and training activities. a holiday immersed in nature, surrounded by serene and friendly atmosphere in which engage in recreational activities and training.

Farm Day for schools

The school groups visits are carried out with a clear didactic-educational goal. An educational farm project at Rose Villa Monticchio the discovery of the main traditional crops and agricultural life of the vulture.


It offers its guests the opportunity to make even more pleasant and constructive experience of the stay, by organizing courses of:

  • decoupage
  • yoga
  • traditional cuisine

The private church present in the park-garden allows the organization of suggestive days of spirituality.

Villa delle Rose farm, also organizes educational and recreational activities for children and teenagers, valuing the experiences and traditions of the rural world.

  • We learn to make cheese and ricotta
  • From grain to bread
  • Laboratory dell’argille: farm animals
  • Laboratory of mineral waters
  • The aromatic plants and herbs wild Vulture
  • How to make soap with oils and petals of roses

In the small riding EDUCATIONAL FARM Villa Rose offers guests the opportunity to make beautiful walks in the woods and allows children to get close to animals and nature living experience not only sports, but also educational and fun.

VILLA ROSES also offers stabling facilities. It has, in fact, local as guaranteeing an excellent horse riders stop service.



Download the pdf on the proposals EDUCATIONAL FARM and you can read it in the utmost tranquility .

Find out how and ‘easy to give a period of relaxation in nature learning or discovering Lucan agricultural values.